What is Cloud Management & Why you may need it

Cloud management, as the name implies, is the management of cloud computing products & services. Typically you’ll see this in reference to cloud-based apps such as G-Suite, Office 365 & so on.


This can mean managing public or private-based cloud apps for clients across an array of services. The idea is that a third party can implement, manage, and support your cloud apps of choice. So whether it be that you are looking to get set up on a service, migrate to a new one, or simply have experts in the field support day-to-day issues. Cloud apps in recent years have only gotten better & are an integral part of how businesses operate. Think email, office applications, creative tools & so much more. With that, there is a desire & need for experts in the field to manage said services. Why spend your time figuring out how to set up a Google domain & G Panel, or provisioning users for O365 & other apps, when you can leave it to a company to manage all of this for you. This leads to smoother workflows & overall support for a variety of apps. If you’re debating whether a cloud-based solution is for you, simply think whether or not you’ll need the following:

  • Company based email (support@networkright.io for example)

  • Collaborative office tools (Word editor, presentation software, Sheets/Excel)

  • E-mail (A basic form of digital communication)

These & much more are basic implementations of cloud apps & likely why you’ll need them.

Advantages of being on the Cloud

We hear about the “cloud” all the time. When it comes down to it, it is essentially another computer stored on the internet. A computer with much better & reliable hardware. The main advantage of having cloud-based apps is uptime; things like e-mail communication, productivity tools like Microsoft Word, and so much more can all be based on the internet giving you access whenever you need it.

Further advantages include:

  • Improved security of data

  • Sync options (ability to access data anywhere on any device)

  • Central control over your organization’s tools

  • Easy collaboration options

  • Nearly 100% uptime

Simply put cloud computing & apps are the way of the future. Even creative suites such as Adobe now have cloud-based counterparts.

Cloud App Examples:

The following are common examples of cloud-based apps which may require management.


Google’s G-Suite packages all of Google’s tools & offers them in a centralized package for businesses. The package includes emails, drive file storage, calendar, office apps & much more. Advantages of services such as Google’s G-Suite include:

  • Centralized management/admin of users

  • Familiar G-mail like interface for email

  • Top tier security across its platform

  • Cost Savings

  • Team collaboration

  • All apps-in one place

G-suite tends to be the standard choice for a cloud-based solution when it comes to businesses. Its uptime, support, and features are all reasons why a variety of businesses use & support it. G-Suite comes in a tier system starting from basic, then business, and lastly enterprise, offering features tailored to your needs.


In a more Microsoft or Windows-based environment, you may be inclined to go with something like O365. It is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution offering similar tools in email, productivity apps, and more all under one roof. With its own set of advantages such as:

  • Entire Microsoft Office Suite integrated

  • Wide support for windows/PC based environments

  • Great security

  • Cost Savings

  • Collaboration tools

At the end of the day, O365, like G-Suite, offers you a centralized place to manage users, deploy new company emails, and much more. In this case, it comes down to the environment—if you are already in a PC-based environment & rely heavily on said tools, then O365 may be a great solution for you.


Why use Network Right to manage my cloud apps?

Great question! As stated earlier, while you can set up & manage your own G-Suite or O365 panel, we make that process seamless, easy, and, most importantly, tailored to your needs & how you’ll be using the service. We can take full ownership & manage everything from the setup to implementation and ongoing management.

So your workflow could look like this:

  1. Network Right sets up the best cloud-based app solution for your needs

  2. Anytime onboarding/off-boarding is needed, we handle it appropriately

  3. We manage & maintain important updates, security measures, and overall management

  4. We are available to provide ongoing support as issues or requests arise

Comprehensive app management allows us to ensure we handle everything behind the scenes so that your HR, office team, and so on can do what they do best. However, at Network Right we also believe in educating the user. So we’re more than happy to also help companies walkthrough & get basic management training so they too can onboard/off-board & so on as needed.

We take our years of experience in services like G-Suite, Office 365, and so much more to help serve you in the best way possible by tailoring to your needs & not the other way around. We’ll help you find the most effective cloud-based apps & work with you to fit budgets & feature needs. From there on out, we can help manage/support in case issues arise.

A look at more of what we have to offer in cloud management space if you weren’t already convinced:

  • Handle migration to or from services (email lists/distributions, user management, calendars, documents, contacts)

  • Implement e-mail retention policies

  • Improve onboarding/off-boarding workflows

  • Purchase & manage license deployment

  • Training for our customers to ensure you’re using the tools most effectively

When it comes to the cloud, we have you covered. Have questions about an app you want to integrate or a service you want to try? Need to migrate over from O365 to G-Suite or vice versa? Have questions about features or something you want to do in either G-Suite or Office 365? Whatever the case may be our team of experts are on standby to provide you & your company the support it deserves.

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