What is Network Right & what is an MSP?

Our Role

Network Right is a modern IT MSP or managed service provider for modern business. An MSP’s role is to manage their client’s IT infrastructure & systems. This can be anything from implementing a corporate network (wi-fi, switches, cabling) to supporting employees via the help desk. Network Right’s job is to cater to businesses of all sizes be it up & coming startups or established businesses with a focus on flexibility. Whether your company has an established IT team that needs additional support or no IT team in place, the aim is to help implement & scale companies’ IT needs when & where they need them. The ability to use Network Right’s services on an ad-hoc/project basis or subscription model matches your needs. IT should be easily accessible & available when your team needs it, that’s where Network Right comes in.


We believe IT should be a tool that allows you & your teams to do their best work. Not over the top or complicated. Our job is to offer the best solution for your needs while being as transparent as possible. Offering businesses of all sizes the option to have the IT infrastructure they deserve without the need for a full IT team or rather support the existing team they have. We do our best work so you can do yours.

Our Services

While IT in itself is a wide-ranging field Network Right focuses on offering straightforward & flexible solutions for your companies needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • IT Helpdesk

Implementing help desk solutions such as ticketing systems to get your team’s requests in order. We can staff onsite or remote technicians to help support your team’s needs, and as they scale, so does your IT support. With a focus on flexibility of staffing, you get the support you need, when you need it.

  • Network Support

Networking is at the core of many businesses, it’s what allows your team to do their best work. We offer a wide range of network support from full-scale implementation to ongoing management & support. We survey, plan, and implement systems that fit your space, budget, and needs. Slow wi-fi? New office space? Cabling needs? We offer it all. Networking should just work so let us do the work for you.

  • Cloud Management

Be it O365, G-Suite, or a variety of other cloud apps we have you supported. We can implement & manage such systems for company-wide email, user directories, and apps. Offering administration to ensure you have the setup that best supports your infrastructure & help manage your onboard/offboarding workflow.

  • A/V Setups

Audio & Video is becoming more & more essential for businesses at scale. Whether it’s for meetings with external parties or a way to collaborate between teams & remote offices. Network Right specializes in setups from partners such as Zoom, Google Meet, and more. Setting up hardware for conference rooms such as TV mounting, speakers & mics, and cable management to ensure your meetings are seamless & efficient. Have an all-hands area you want to build out or series of conference rooms in your office that need AV systems? Leave it to us!

And much more! For a full look at our services offered check out networkright.io/services

Why use an MSP?

Why go with Network Right or for that matter any MSP? There’s no shortage of services out there but where we specialize is an all-in-one IT solution. Networking, A/V, Helpdesk, we offer a series of services all under one roof, so no need to interact with multiple vendors. At the end of the day, the biggest benefit MSPs offer is flexibility. While a full 40 hour a week IT member may not be required for your current companies needs we can staff when & where you need us, offering a budget-friendly solution for your company. IT shouldn’t be just be pawned off on other departments. The role of an MSP is to be available on a schedule/frequency that fits your organization’s needs so you are getting expert help at the rate you need it. Our goal is to help scale your IT department for whatever the future may bring whether it’s a transition to a full-time hire or scaling the company across multiple offices. Furthermore, we also collaborate with existing IT teams. An MSP can offer teams that need more or temporary onsite or remote support, expertise in certain areas of IT such as A/V setups or Networking, & handle projects when 3rd parties are required. Again, the overall focus being flexibility no matter your company size, IT needs, or team, & what have you.

At the end of the day Network Right is here to help your business find, build, and support the IT infrastructure it deserves. Allowing your employees to work efficiently & flexibility to scale with the needs of your business. Feel free to reach out to us today with any questions at hello@networkright.io!

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