What is Network Management & How Network Right Can Manage Yours

Networking is at the heart of many businesses it’s what allows you & your team to operate & conduct business effectively. Management of said network is critical to not just overall performance & reliability for your team but as well as security of company data & assets. Network management ranges from the setup & design of the network itself to ensure it’s optimally tweaked & optimized for conditions such as growth, external interference, and overall security. So whether your team may be experiencing problems such as slow wi-fi, moving into a new space, requiring cable/ethernet ran, or what have you that’s where a network management team comes into play. Having a team to monitor your network to ensure uptime, expanding it as needed, and support you when issues occur. The world of networking is ever-changing & expanding so should the team managing it.

That all said what are the benefits of having a team manage your network?

Here are some to name a few:

  • Saving on costs from a full-time hire/team of network engineers

  • Alleviating employees responsibility from the network (CTO’s etc)

  • Having a team actively monitor the network 24/7

  • Options for expansion as your team grows

  • Allows the network management team to handle communication between your Internet Service Provider

Above all network management alleviates the responsibility of the vital asset that is your network to a team of experts in the area. While a simple setup may be initially managed by one person in your company say your CTO or Office Manager as size & complexity grows in a network the importance of having a proper team in place to manage in case of outages, vulnerabilities & attacks, and so on is ever important.


How Network Right Can Manage Your Network

Network Right helps manages multiple client networks ranging from businesses from 50 to 500+ people. We do this through a certain process depending on your situation & setup.

  1. Isolate your problems & network pain points (Slowness/speed, poor coverage in specific areas, reliability, etc)

  2. Audit your network. Take a look at your equipment & ISP service to ensure you have the best setup based on your needs.

  3. Implement changes. Whether it’s new equipment or tweaking settings to get your network where it needs to be.

  4. Monitor. By setting up your equipment we have the option to adopt & monitor your network from our team’s dashboard should issues arise in the future. This gives us access within a moment’s notice to the condition of your network, making it efficient for us to troubleshoot as needed.

  5. Plan for the future. We do our best to take account of growth, external factors in your area, and much more to ensure your network is ready to scale as your business does.

Existing Setups:

For clients, with an existing network setup, we apply the same approach as outlined above. We do our best to work with the gear at hand, however, if we feel it’s best to get you on improved equipment to resolve your issues we’ll work with you to get the appropriate enterprise-grade equipment for your needs.

New Setups:

For clients moving into a new office or space & have an entirely new setup at hand we focused on your company requirements. Baseline speed, reliability, coverage for employees, wireless & wired requirements to get your business up & running. Planning from start to finish to design & implement the network. We even handle all communications between your internet service provider to get install dates & service turn up in a timely manner.

At Network Right we have partnerships with some of the best enterprise-level network providers such as Cisco Meraki & Unifi Systems. All to get you the best deals & recommendations on equipment that’ll fit your needs & budget. We work with you to ensure we can make your network work for you.

After everything is set up & good to go we pride ourselves in involving our clients & keeping transparent communication on how your network operates. For clients, we manage fully we even offer monitoring services of the network allowing us easy access to troubleshoot & apply changes as needed. Even going as far as to offer periodic reports on network stability, usage, and much more stats. Helping predict when expansion and or upgrades are needed before you hit those roadblocks.


We aim to help our clients effectively manage their networks in such a way where everything simply works & your team doesn’t have to worry about bad wi-fi, dropped connections and calls, and any other issue that can go wrong. Providing modern support, setup & security practices to protect your business while allowing you to do the work that matters most.

Feel free to contact us today via our contact form or emailing hello@networkright.io for more information on how we can help manage your network today!

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