To our Network Right clientele,

Over the past few weeks, our team has been monitoring the situation that affects not just us but people across the world. As such we’ve been aiming to best prepare for the circumstances which arise in said events and assure we put forward the best health practices first and foremost as well as business practices. Ensuring our clients and their teams that we value their health and safety in this tough time. We as human beings understand the importance of said practices and as IT professionals understand that with a growing remote workforce that IT support is more important than ever.

Steps Network Right is taking:

  • Service for us is business as usual in the sense that if our client’s offices and operational/open we will continue to provide onsite service as needed/requested

  • Clients migrating to or implementing/recommending a remote/work-from-home policy we’ll adhere to and ensure tools and availability are in place to ensure your team gets the same support remote as they would in the office.

  • All techs are taking extra precaution to if at all possible instruct rather than handle clients hardware (laptops, phones, etc) directly, as well as practice common hygiene

  • Any employees who are sick are mandated to stay home and refrain from any fieldwork

  • We’re working on a series of posts and resources to help our clients transition in this difficult time. We understand going all remote and or closing offices isn’t easy but for the well-being of everyone involved and we want to ensure the right tools and resources are in place from an IT perspective. Whether it’s to support meetings, IT requests, hardware needs, and so on

As a part of Network Right’s philosophy we believe in people first and technology as a tool that enables said people to do their best work. Our team is here to help navigate our clients through this difficult time together and are extending our best in terms of safety and well-being as above all that is the priority.

-The Network Right team