How Network Right Supported Clearbit During Rapid Growth


Clearbit is a platform for modern businesses that helps create, capture, and convert demand from ideal customers from one powerful and flexible go-to-market platform.

Their mission is to build the data backbone for modern businesses and help them grow by providing tools that will help them deeply understand their customers, identify future prospects, and highly personalize every marketing and sales interaction.


Clearbit was quickly expanding their team to support their recent customer growth, all while facing the challenges of supporting a remote workforce due to the pandemic. Like many high-growth companies, it was imperative their team was fully supported with the technology and work environment for optimal productivity.

Clearbit was struggling with turnover at their former IT support vendor, leading to increased disruption in the service. It was time to consider new options that was best for a growing company that needed scalable support with flexible service offerings (helpdesk, SaaS management, and remote on/offboarding).

The team at Network Right was introduced to Clearbit by another growing client who faced similar challenges.


At the start of the contract, Network Right handled the transition of their team from onsite to fully remote and helped them implement a fully remote on and offboarding experience for their users. It included managing inventory, shipment of hardware, and auto-provisioning of laptops out of the box for their users. This made the entire transition seamless from the IT side.

This was a huge undertaking for Network Right’s team as it involved multiple responsibilities: handling HR, Talent, and Operations tasks.


Clearbit has grown to a 200+ fully remote workforce, adapting to the new environment and the remote climate from the IT side. Network Right helped them implement onboarding IT orientations for all remote folks who join, ensuring that on ‘Day 1’ they are all set up on their hardware and software, making it seamless for their employees to get started right away.

Network Right also supported Clearbit in strengthening their compliance such as SOC2, creating standard hardware deployment to provide finance a more accurate and predictable spend when it comes to IT, and many other projects making the overall efficiency of their employees much better.

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