How to: Opt Out of Slack’s AI Training Program

Slack started to introduce “AI” capabilities into Slack on February 14, 2024 and they suggested they will use messages, files, and data from Slack Workspaces to train its AI features. We are concerned about the security and privacy implications for our clients as users were automatically opted in without knowledge or consent.

How you can opt out

Because individual Slack users can’t opt out on their own, a Workspace Admin Owner will need to. The Workspace Admin Owner can send the following email or submit the same information through the /feedback command in Slack: 

Subject Line: Slack Global Model opt-out request.




Additional details from Slack: Privacy Principles: Search, Learning and Artificial Intelligence


If you would like further assistance related to opt-out, please reach out to your IT team or reach out to us so we can help mitigate your concerns.

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