Co-Managed IT Services vs Fully-Managed IT Services: IT Support Considerations for Startups

When determining the amount of IT support to enlist for your company, you may see the terms “co-managed” and “fully-managed.” After all, both models have their benefits depending on the specific needs of your business. Throughout this article, we discuss the differences between co-managed and fully-managed IT services, what they uniquely offer, and how each can be beneficial depending on the needs of your company.

Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT service is a model of IT support that allows you to choose which IT services your company will handle internally and which it will outsource. This kind of IT is ideal for companies with some internal IT resources already in place and looking for a partnership. Do you have an in-house IT professional that can handle strategic IT needs of the business, like budgeting and planning? If so, you could save money by opting for co-managed IT support focused on the aspects of IT that are more day-to-day (such as a user help desk). Conversely, you may choose to outsource the strategic aspects and handle the day-to-day in-house. 

When employees have problems with their computers or other devices, time may be wasted waiting on IT personnel to fix them. A co-managed IT model with help desk support can help you avoid costly delays in lost productivity. A good help desk will allow users to submit tickets online and track progress on those tickets so everyone knows what’s going on with their device or computer at any given time. This allows in-house IT personnel to focus on other pressing issues.

Here are a few examples of how a co-managed IT service model can help you: 

  • Network Support: Ensure consistent productivity with optimal wifi and connected devices.
  • Onboarding/Off-boarding: Streamline IT setup for new users and securely off-board users leaving the organization.
  • Service Desk: Dedicated remote and onsite IT support including device management, end-user hardware/software setup, and support.
  • A/V Conference Room: Support and test peripherals and devices in all rooms, including meeting rooms.
  • Security: Protect data, hardware, and implement best practices to ensure safety including anti-virus, security standards, and compliance.

Fully-Managed IT Services

Fully-managed IT service is a comprehensive IT support model. The fully-managed model is designed to support the day-to-day IT needs of the business while also providing strategic IT guidance. Fully-managed IT services support businesses in a proactive manner. Rather than waiting until something breaks, fully-managed IT teams anticipate problems and set your company up for success through strategic planning. 

Fully-managed IT services may include:

  • Server/desktop monitoring
  • Network monitoring and infrastructure management
  • Cloud & network migration services
  • Network security

At Network Right, we offer virtual CIO services that help growing startups with IT planning and budgeting. This service also usually includes help desk user support. We find that businesses with 10-100 users are a strong fit for a fully-managed IT support model. Our services are also scalable. If you prefer to start with fully managed model and work towards a co-managed model once your team is ready to bring IT support in-house, that is an option for you with Network Right. Our team of dedicated technicians and account managers provide timely support, flexible pricing, and no long-term contracts. Feel free to adjust your services as needed. 

Choose the Model that’s Right for Your Company

While there are key differences in the extent of services provided by co-managed and fully-managed IT support, both offer organizations very effective solutions to IT problems. Consider co-managed or fully-managed IT support services for your business based on the extent of your internal resources and the amount of support your team requires. Contact us at Network Right to find out how we can help your IT needs.

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