Why Your Company NEEDS a Password Manager

At the end of the day what stands between access to your companies SaaS Apps, web portals, and computers is a password. Employees are their logins are all possible entry points for malicious parties to access sensitive company data and now more than ever it’s important to utilize password managers to not simply remember your logins but ensure strong credentials are being used.

The goal of password manager is to offer your company and its employees a system to store private logins as well as shared accounts credentials safely & securely. Our brains (or post-it notes) are only so good at storing and remembering passwords on top of the ever growing complexity standards around them. A great password manager will make storing passwords seamless, intuitive, and offer ways to ensure you’re not just storing passwords but creating complex ones.

Here are just some of the reasons your company needs to invest in a password manager today!

No one wants to remember lD@$$W0RD45@198 (Nor should they have to)

The reason many set simple or easy to crack passwords tends to be cause they’re easier for them to remember. The more you add onto that with passwords for their email, computer, various SaaS apps the easier it gets for them to use simple passwords. The great thing about most modern password managers is they allow you to set 1 complex password that you use to access the app and from there you can auto-generate secure passwords for each login. This further enhances your overall security in that it trains your employees to use various passwords across platforms versus one. Further protecting in event of leaks or access to one password.

Password managers allow users to generate secure credentials based on parameters that may be required per site such as length of characters, unique symbols or numbers required, and so on. Effectively allowing you to remember your one password and letting it handle the rest for you.

Sharing Passwords the Right Way

The other benefit to password managers is the ease in which you can safely & securely share credentials with others in the organization. Often it happens where companies have shared accounts for departments or specific apps in order to save on license costs. Anytime anyone needs access you either need to manually share it with other employees or users are forced to remember said login.


Password managers ease this whole process by allowing sharing of logins to other users in and even outside your organization (contractors etc). Putting the login behind a portal that requires the user in question to have specific access to said login or a number of them depending on your preference. All with the ability to cut off access as needed.

Seamless Integration

Nowadays almost all modern password mangers offer some form of integration to easily login to your sites automatically via desktop apps, mobile apps, or even web browser extensions. These apps make it even easier for your employee to store new logins they create in said managers and then automatically login to the respective sites going forward. Most popular form of these include web browser add-ons/extensions which live in the browser and then handle the automatic login portion for employees. Keeping it secure and convenient. At the end of the day if the password manager tool itself isn’t convenient users won’t use it so these various forms of integration make it all the more seamless for day to day use.

LastPass to limit free tier to either desktop or mobile from March 16 -  GSMArena.com news

Overall Efficiency

Often times in IT we see the need for password, security questions, 2FA resets. Notably companies who implement password managers see a reduction in said issues as employees are empowered with the right tools. Making it more efficient for them in day to day activities spending last time hunting down passwords and simply being able to get access to their tools and get their work done.

Beyond just passwords these tools often allow for the following to be stored in them as well:

  • 2FA codes
  • Credit/Banking Info
  • Recovery Keys or Backup Codes
  • Secure Notes

Really anything confidential that revolves around some sort of access can be stored in most of the password managers to be safely secured & protected. Beyond that other great features across some of the managers include the ability to detect leaked/compromised passwords, get an audit of re-used passwords across the company, and just generally from a security standpoint see where your company and employees stand.

Our Recommended Password Managers

Below you can find a list we recommend to our clients based on features, support for cross platforms, and ease of use.




At the end of the day your company and it’s employees will only benefit from adding a password manager to your app-stack. It’ll help across the board from overall security, implementing best practice to your employees routines, and making general day to day work easier on everyone. Make the investment today & you’ll thank us later!

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